Alluring Hair Boutique

Alluring Hair Boutique


Salon Favorites 

Dreadlock & Braid Product

Great product for braids, twist and natural hair dreadlocks. Excellent for hold control as it also adds manageability and shine to your hair.

Natural Hair Care Product

Best used to add moisture manageability and restores our hairs natural oils and shine.

Pravana Hair Color

We use one of the top hair color systems in the haircare industry. ChromaSilk Hair color by Pravana is the finest most versatile hair color in the professional industry.

Their known for their low-ammonia formula that blends Keratin amino-acids and silk protein. These ingredients helps provide added protection further strengthening your hair fibers deep into it’s cores. All while it’s known for leaving our hair with a remarkable shine, further protection and durability to your hair.

Master Stylist Nece